That Magma Crashed FV2

Hazy Double IPA / 8.0% ABV

Magma returns

Magmaとは、アルケミストに潜む闇の意思である。アンダーグラウンドで囁かれているのは、ネメシスの"ある能力"が、実はアルケミストをコントロールしているという噂だ。。。Hop Dudeの歴史家の間では周知の事実だが、現在のアルケミストは、ハイホップ評議会の満場一致で選ばれたわけではない。




Magma returns.

A well known fact amongst Hop Dude historians, The High Hop Council was not unanimous in their selection of the current Full Hop Alchemist. While a Prodigy in his own right, with talent and wisdom well beyond his years, at times the Alchemist uncannily struggled to focus, almost as if he was being controlled by some outside force. This was indeed a disenchanting quality that some on the High Council believed might eventually be his undoing. Now, even after countless feats of whimsical construction and brilliant hop concoctions—their fears have been realized.

That Magma is the fiery alter ego of our Full Hop Alchemist. Whispers in the dark speak of the Nemesis or one of his many minions having the ability to control the Alchemist and his actions. Hop Dudes claim to have seen him turn ablaze but for a moment—and in that moment lose all control. (This apparently happened after a late night and way too many TDHSSRs, but we will never know...)

Hazy Doubles that aren’t cooked the right way don’t usually turn out this good. After coming to his senses the Alchemist brought this one back to the promised land - an 8.0% ABV hazy hit of smooth pineapple and juicy fruit, loaded with lupilin for banging aromatics and just in time for summer shenanigans. Try as he might, the Nemesis is no match for the Alchemist’s prowess.