FAQ よくあるご質問

個人のお客様for Customers

  • ビールはどこで飲めますか?
    Where can we get our hands on the brews?

    飲食店さんやビアバーさんのタップリストは毎日変動しますので、ピンポイントでの情報提供は難しいですが、Instagramのハッシュタグ #westcoastbrewing#wcbshizuoka またはUNTAPPDをチェックすると、見つけやすいかもしれません!

    Best bet is to check out #westcoastbrewing or #wcbshizuoka on Instagram, or UNTAPPD to see where other folks are drinking it. The goods and cans are also available Tues-Sun at our all branches in Shizuoka prefecture.
    Got to "LOCATIONS" for more information about our branches. (see FAQ answer below for more details for can)

  • 缶はどこで購入できますか?
    Where can I get my hands on some of your cans?

    WCB公式ECサイト、もしくは全国の酒販店さんにて購入することができます。お近くで見つからない場合は、ぜひ近隣の酒販店さんにお問い合わせください(リクエストいただくことで、取扱ってもらえることも…!)。もちろん、用宗のブルワリー真向いにあるタップルームや、JR静岡駅近隣の直営ボトルショップ「12 to go」「WCB第参番移動式冷蔵庫」、浜松市「OASIS」では、テイクアウトでのご購入が可能です。

    Online Shop OR if you are so fortunate we are wholesaling limited quantities to a variety of liquor stores throughout Japan (makes it sound like a lot but it’s not). We also have the goods at our Mochimune Taproom as well as at “12 to go” which is a 5 min walk from JR Shizuoka Station, "WCB Container" which is 15 min walk from the JR Shizuoka station, and go to "Location" for more information about our branches.

  • グラスの販売はありますか?
    Do you sell beer glasses?


    We are sorry, but the glasses were more popular than expected and are currently sold out. We are not sure when they will be available again, but we will definitely be selling more in the future. We are sorry for the inconvenience. When the glasses become available again, we will make an official announcement from our SNS.

  • ブルワリーの見学はできますか?
    Is it possible to tour the brewery?


    We have started offering tours from July 2022, only on Saturdays and Sundays by reservation. Anyone can join us by making reservations in advance!
    ▼Please click here for more information and reservation.

飲食店・酒類販売店様for Restaurant & Liquor store owners

  • 飲食店や酒販店でビールを取扱いたいです。どうしたらいいでしょうか?
    I run a bar or restaurant interested in serving WCB beer, what should I do?


    Hit “CONTACT” on the menu above and head to the bottom of that page and fill out the form accordingly - or just send us an email at wcbshizuoka@gmail.com. We can do English and Japanese no issues, choose the one you are more comfortable with.

  • 業務用として販売している商品を教えてください
    What kind of products do you sell?


    We sell 15L kegs and 500ml cans by the case(there are 24 cans in a case). The lineup of beer changes weekly, so, to view and purchase beer, simply go to“CONTACT” on the menu above and proceed to the bottom of the page to fill out the form accordingly to place your order of happiness!

  • 店舗で使うメニューに、WCBのロゴを使いたいです。提供してもらえますか?

    もちろんです!下記URLからダウンロードをしていただき、お店のPOPやメニューにご活用ください。各ビールの商品画像は、「OUR BEERS」のページよりどうぞ。POPやメニュー以外で使用の際は、事前に必ずご相談ください(無断でのグッズ制作等はお断りいたします)。またご使用の際は、ロゴの加工や改変はご遠慮ください。


    Ofcourse! You can download them from the URL below. You can also download images of each beers! → Go to "OUR BEER". Advertise WCB as much as you can!

    ▼Tap to download


  • イベント出展の相談をしたいです
    Would you be willing to participate / bring your beer to our event?


    Hit “Contact / Visit” on the menu above and head to the bottom of that page and fill out the form accordingly - or just send us an email at wcbshizuoka@gmail.com. We can do English and Japanese no issues, choose the one you are more comfortable with.

  • WCBで働きたいです!求人の募集はしていますか?
    I'd like to work at WCB! Are you hiring?

    そう思っていただけて嬉しいです。求人については公式Instagramや、本サイトのTOPにある「WHAT'S NEW」にてお知らせしていますので、ご確認ください。クラフトビール好きな情熱にあふれている方、ぜひお気軽にご連絡を!

    Thank you for choosing our company;) Check our job listing information on our official instagram or go to the TOP and check "WHAT'S NEW" on this website. Contact us if you love craft beers and are passionate. We'd love to expand our beer making family with you!