Brass Monkey

Kettle Sour / 5.0%

w/Con Piña, Durazno y Maracuyá. Dry Hopped with Kohia Nelson & Rakau

WCB × Minoh Beer
Cross Collaboration🤜🏼🤛🏼

Hop Dudeとおさるが手を組んだ?!我々WCBの関西進出と共に、よりグッと親密さを増した愛すべき大阪の姉御『箕面ビール』さんとのクロスコラボレーションが実現!

最近何かと関西へ遊びに行くことの多いHop Dudeだが、ある日、黄金の猿を身に纏い箕面からの客人を用宗に招く……。WCBのビールには「パイナップル」「桃」「パッションフルーツ」のトロピカルなフルーツピューレを投入し、Summer VibesなKettle Sourがお目見え。


より深まった仲の証として、Hop Dudeはある秘宝ホップをおさるへと手渡す。次は大阪方面をくまなく注意👀💥箕面ビールからリリースされるビールへと続く……!

We teamed up with our friends at Minoh Beer in Osaka for this one - a dank/fruity kettle sour layered with peach/passionfruit/pineapple, dry-hopped with Freestyle Waimea and Rakau. For the naming we wanted to get something related to monkey/osaru (the Minoh mascot) etc. it just so happened that on brew day we had several 90s hip-hop fans (of different persuasions), and thus the Beastie Boys reference. Art-wise, Minoh tends to do collabs or seasonals with something hanging or attached to their mascot’s neck etc., so we went with a bit of bling bling to connect it to the naming and give it a touch of that Hop Dude summer influence. Brass Monkey drinks dry and dank, with aromas and flavors that fluctuate and linger for a moment on the palate before pushing you to pick up the glass for one more sip. The perfect tart treat for a humid summer evening.