Dark Lab Series 01

Imperial Stout / 11.0% ABV

WCB × 3 Sons Brewing
Special Collaboration!!!

光に満ちあふれたHazyこそ、Alchemistが放つダークサイドへの有力攻撃。……だと誰しもが思っていた。けれど事実は小説よりも奇なり、闇が司る悪の原動力こそHazy、という衝撃的なニュースが世間を揺るがす。状況を探るべく、とあるHop Dudeたちは、Nemesisが新たな実験を試みる“Dark Lab”へ極秘派遣されることとなる。


永遠に続くかのようなベルトコンベア。そこには、1体でも苦戦を強いる魔兵こと”Hop Breaker“が悪魂を吹き込まれ量産されていた。



Beyond the Gateway. It has been ages since the last Hop Heroes ventured into the Void - but now with the portal stable and a seemingly never-ending stream of the Nemesis’ reinforcements flowing through, it is time for our Hop Dudes to make the leap through the Gateway and learn more about what is happening in the Forbidden Lands.

Beyond they found desolace - deadened vistas devoid of light, yet far more teeming with sound and energy than the ancient texts had portrayed. Careful to not be discovered our duo of Hop Recon Specialists found their way deep inside what looked to be a laboratory bunker of some kind - and saw firsthand the Nemesis’ evil plans at work, and the grave danger they and their comrades were about to face.

Welcome—to the Dark Lab Series. The Nemesis teamed up with two of the Darkness’ most feared lieutenants (Corey and Mike at 3 Sons Brewing / Dania Beach, FL) to concoct yet another elixir of diabolical doom. Enriched with High-Grade Madagascar Vanilla and Kinako, DLS1 is a prototype Imperial Stout and the first to come out of his new laboratory beyond the Gateway. Real info: Aromas are hits of dark chocolate and roasted coffee, Flavors are vanilla-amped goodness laced with hints of prune and figs.