Establish The Run

Hazy Double IPA / 8.0% ABV

w/USDA 074, Vista & Santiam

Hop Dudeたちの娯楽といえば、ビール片手にアメフト鑑賞。彼らにとって憧れの的、チームを栄光へと導くレジェンドのテクニックは、地道なトレーニングの積み重ねがあってこそ。数々のタックルを受けても倒れることなく


他に差をつけ走り抜く。俊敏かつ複雑に、神経を研ぎ澄ませて向かうゴールライン。「Establish The Run」片手に、心が躍りまくるMr.DとHop Dude。この日だけは誰にも邪魔はさせない!熱狂の渦に包まれた、新たなリーグが開幕する。

Oh we are so back.  Establish The Geno would have worked just as well after last season... maybe next time?  Having spent your entire life trapped / blessed? in fandom and fealty we are back for another season, kicking it off vs the Rams this week. Football-themed Hazy Double IPAs for good luck here we go. The Hop Dude version of ETR actually gives the running backs enough touches to get the play action game going...or that is to say we give our elixirs enough hot side Vista and Santiam (we got style) to get to manageable third downs (aka subtle grassy notes with orange/pear, strawberry and tangerine)... Pre-snap motion and finishing a little on the sweet side may have something to do with offensive coordinator A38's game plan - or maybe it's just a product of that hot Indie and Crosby two-headed beast, getting decent blocking (2nd year bookends working it) and keeping your offense on the field ffs. ...wew either way it's shaping up to be another riveting season of gridiron, and we've got just the beer to get you through what is bound to be a TON of 3 and outs (pls god no).