Hop Paradise

NZ Hop Pale Ale / 6.0% ABV

w/Waimea & Cascade

WCBファンにはお馴染み、我々が心から信頼を寄せるニュージーランドのホップファーム「Freestyle Hops」のホップを使った新たなビールが誕生!

Hop Dude in New Zealand.
(左に行ったらNelson、右に行ったらMotueka…?! ※実話)

採れたてのホップが生み出す豊かな香りは、初めて足を踏み入れたこの場所で受けた、何よりもの衝撃。今回はボイル・ドライホップ共に、厳選したWaimeaとCascadeを使用しライトなPale Aleを完成させた。


We were thinking about doing this beer in March, every morning on our short drive from Mapua over to Freestyle. There is something magical about that pocket of land between Nelson and Motueka—the people, the passion, ofc the hops—autumn in NZ now quite literally lives rent free in our minds. Hop Paradise is enhanced by a blend of Freestyle NZ Cascade and Waimea, with enough hop flavor and aroma to tickle your hop itch yet not too much for a 6.0% pale ale. We want to be reminded of how special the people and place are that make these hops, the intent in every action, the TLC—and this is it. Laid back and welcoming, yet full of flavor and incredibly satisfying. That’s our pocket of land between Nelson and Motueka, the long days and seemingly endless blue skies guiding us on our way to visit folks who genuinely give a damn. And yes, Gareth and Grant hanging out of the car to get this photo are the icing on the cake.