Hop Squeeze

Hazy Double IPA / 8.5% ABV

w/Freestyle Bruce, Freestyle Nelson Sauvin & Freestyle Waimea

Hop Dudeが住まう用宗から、世界へ繋がる大海原を超えて約9000キロ先……。遠く離れた南半球の地から、アルケミストへの贈り物。恵みのホップを好きなだけ好きなように、贅沢にひとり占め。濁りそして期待をともなった、新たなHazyの出来栄えは如何に…?

今回ドライホップとして採用した3種類は、米・西海岸在住のHop Dudeも大好きな、超入手困難の「Freestyle Hops」のものを、WCBがニュージーランドのホップファームから手に入れたとのこと!


To the extent our Dudes actually “squeeze” the boxes, we can’t really say for sure. What we can tell you (with absolute certainty) though is that this beer was made with Freestyle hops, and Freestyle hops only. For those that don’t know—that’s the good stuff. And while we aren’t too big on dwelling on the past (move on shall we!) let’s just say we’ve been waiting about EIGHT months to do this. We could have called the beer “Logistics Nightmare” or “Another Month w/o Freestyle” or “Hopless in (s)Hizuoka” or something, but man that feeling you get when the Freestyle hops arrive… staring at those reflective boxes is like peering deep into someone’s soul. (Reunited and it feels so good?) So shinies it is! And now that our first 100% Freestyle brew is complete - let us tell you about it. Super, insane, juiciness. Freestyle Nelson, Waimea and The Bruce were born to be together. Forget SDGs, Hop Squeeze is the first of many GFCs (Glorious Freestyle Concoctions) on the horizon, and it doesn’t disappoint. The white grape / peach / pineapple aromas that pop from this elixir are absolutely staggering, and don’t let us forget the massive hits of stone fruit and grape when you finally get it in. Almost feels like a cheat code - go get yourself some of this asap.