West Coast Double IPA / 8.5% ABV

w/EG Comet, El Dorado & Mosaic

WCB × Craftbros Brewing
First Collaboration

Hop Dude in Seoul!
韓国ソウルで爆発的な人気を誇るブルワリー、『Craftbros Brewing』とのコラボレーションビールが大登場。

約1200kmと、国は違えど固い絆のもと、お互いのビールを飲み交わした末に決まった大事な約束。海を越えたその先で活躍するHop Dudeたちを訪ねて、WCBのDerrekとGrantは現地・韓国へ。彼らとの語り合いから導き出した数々の共通点は、ビールを造る魂に炎を灯し、刺激的なセッションのもと、最高のレシピが完成した。



With the pandemic finally in the rear view mirror our Hop Dude has been piling up the frequent flyer miles. Seoul has always been one of our favorite spots to visit, cutting edge and ever-changing, an awesome mash of east meets west and a refreshing escape from what we have lovingly dubbed, "island fatigue". CRAFTBROS has been hot on the craft beer scene in Seoul for a few years, and making some stellar brews. Needless to say we were impressed, and after a back and forth + amazing visit in January, the COLLABO braziers were stoked to FULL. HOPBROS is a cross-collab brewed in Seoul and Shizuoka being released SIMULTANEOUSLY, with matching grain combos and dry hop additions but in completely different styles. To do this our Hop Trust packaged up some of their favorite Crosby EG Comet and sent it over to Korea, additional work (our elected officials aren't making it easy to send ANYTHING between Japan and Korea atm smh) but let me tell you when beer is literally all about the hops, the results are totally worth it. The WCB version is a bold West Coast Style Double IPA, with lit aromas of grapefruit + mandarin orange, popping with passionfruit and dank citrus flavors and a super smooth finish. It's goooood. And again the first of what we hope to be many COLLABOS with our CRAFTBROS buddies going forward. Cheers!!!