Never Been Single

Mosaic Single Hop Hazy Double IPA / 8.5% ABV



誰もを惹きつけるアロマティックな魅力を纏い、ステップを踏むたび、Hop Dude達は失神寸前♡



So this beer is a play on words, obviously. Our Hop Dude breaks up, and makes up. Always an admirer waiting around the corner, as they say. That crazy “frosted glass limo” existence. The Hop Dude also hasn’t done a Single Hop Hazy Double before. So yeah, this isn’t just about some Hop Dude killing it on the dance floor and strutting the sidewalk like some charged aphrodisiac—this is about finally getting around to being Single for the first time. Never Been Single is an 8.5% hazy double IPA loaded with exactly 1 hop - Mosaic. TBH our Mosaic in the past has kinda sucked. Sometimes in Japan we get the short end of the stick? But this past year has been magnificent (thanks to tons of feedback/listening and lot adjustment wizards) and our Mosaic is nothing short of stellar. It plays so well with other hops that showcasing it alone almost feels like a waste, but here we have it - glorious pineapple and citrus with a dab of diesel dankiness on the nose, and grapefruit / white peach flavor burst with a really nice bitterness to balance - essentially the Mosaic flavor profile verbatim, man. After a couple of these our Hop Dude is gonna be back in the club, so def give it a go while supplies last.