The Gateway Empowered

Imperial Stout / 13.0% ABV

w/Coffee & Vanilla

Alchemistが勢力を拡大している中、ひっそりと禁断の地“Forbidden Land”を訪れたNemesisが、最後の仕事に取り掛かる。

禁書・The Black Bookを掲げ唱え放つ。

長い年月をかけて大きな力を蓄えていたのだろう、おぞましい轟音は漆黒の鎖を容易に引きちぎり、辺り一面はおどろおどろしい闇に包まれる。遂に強大な引力を放つゲートは解き放たれ、誰もが恐れ戦く悪の巨人、Hop Breakerが再び目を覚ます。


新たなるThe Gateway Empoweredでは、副原料にバニラビーンズと、地元静岡「創作珈琲工房くれあーる」から仕入れたコーヒー豆、エチオピア「ニグセ・ゲメダ・ムデ※」を使用。



A great caravan carrying Triple Triple vanishing into thin air. Reports of hijacked shipments of Ultra Shift and Harmonic Dreams. The High Hop Council, seeking to get to the bottom of these incidents, recently dispatched a team of Hop Recon specialists to the Forbidden Land--and their findings were shocking. Near The Gateway, Dark Hop Agents were said to be pouring the stolen hoppy elixirs directly into the portal's main engine - not only keeping it online but seemingly enhancing its potency.

Even the Darkest gates are powered by lupulin. While our Hop Heroes rejoice, bolstered further by our Alchemist's newfound recipes and hop concoctions - little did they know these creations were only serving to fortify and empower the Nemesis' portal between the Void and our Earth. The Nemesis, with Black Book in hand now understands that even the most viscous and exotic of adjuncts do not provide anything like the sheer power that can be gained from lupulin. Every lavishly-layered evil concoction only pushes the Alchemist to make more of that which the Nemesis and his Dark counterparts crave--a vicious cycle that could give him and his cohorts unlimited power.

While Empowered, The Gateway is unstoppable. Rocking in at 13.0% and completely ignoring the fact that it is 35C and insanely humid outside, Empowered gives you absolutely no refreshment but brings the dessert deliciousness in spades, with loads of Madagascar vanilla beans and an equally potent dosage of Ethiopian coffee additions. These accent our ultra thick and super syrupy Gateway serum, a quadruple-mash 16 hour boil extravaganza of unadulterated roasted malt excess. You weren't in the mood for big Imperial, but the Nemesis isn't asking you. Up till 2am aircon-on-all-night online gaming elixir partners are back ya'll.