The Gateway

Imperial Stout / 14.0% ABV

w/Coconut Flakes and Banana

新たな若い力であるThe Collectiveの活躍により、用宗のHop Dudeたちは連戦連勝し意気揚々としていたが、Alchemistだけは何故か拭い去れない、なんとも言えない不安を感じていた。

そんな中、Nemesisの目撃情報を得た彼は、ダークサイドとの決着をつけるべく、盟友であるProdigyと共に禁断の地「Forbidden Land」に足を踏み入れていた。そこで彼らが見たものは、最後の仕事を終えたNemesisの姿だった。




Sealed and abandoned, the Gateway has stood undisturbed for generations. If the dark whispers were true, this is where his grandmother took her final stand. This is where he must undo what the foul, conniving traitors in the High Hop Council had deemed to be her only “sufferable path forward”. Here he would have his vengeance.

Taking up The Black Book our Nemesis begins to chant, the old words from blackened pages fill his vision, his voice clear and confident yet somehow tinged with an anxious anticipation. In his quest to fight and defeat - nay, to smash and obliterate the High Hop Council and their pet Alchemist, the Nemesis was willing to do anything. As he spoke the words the Gateway began to tremor, a low rumble which would eventually become a roar. The Gateway itself, now blinding with light, had been reactivated. And through it the Nemesis’ army emerged. Endless scores of Hop Breakers, as far as the eye could see would cross the threshold and enter our world.

The Nemesis is changing the game with his newest Imperial Stout bombshell - The Gateway. At 14.5% and layered with toasted coconut flakes and bucketloads of fresh banana, the Alchemist will never know what hit him. Aromas hit you like a fresh banana fudge sundae with a light coconut clip, and straight up Hershey’s Kisses, vanilla beans and banana nut bread take the flavor home without a single ounce of guilt. It’s a pleasure train that we mashed 4x and boiled forever (just for you) for added decadence, and it will once again change the way you think about Japanese stouts. With his army unleashed the Nemesis now makes his way to Mochimune…