Hazy Triple IPA / 9.0% ABV

w/El Dorado & Nelson Sauvin


新たなNemesisとして生まれ変わる前、Hop Academyに在学中の、若きDark Prodigyだったころの話。

光と闇の戦いを模したジオラマ。彼は家系の歴史を調べる授業の一環で、Hop Dudeの中で語り継がれているあの戦いを再現させる。これは空想なんかじゃなく、正真正銘。かつてアルケミストとして活躍した、今は亡き祖母の功績だ。


知りたくなかった真実。知らないフリは、もうできない。言い伝えられてきたのは、自らの判断で己を犠牲にし、Hop Breakerに戦いを挑んだ祖母、の“はずだった”。しかし、この戦いは初めから仕組まれたものであり、ヒーローである祖母を消し去るための罠であった。



We wanted to call it “Diorama Delight” or “Back 2 School”, but it just didn’t have that “World of the Hop Dude Fantasy-esque” feel. So… Histories. We are all told stuff in social studies that leans (or doesn’t lean) a certain direction vs the truth (for better or worse), like you know Japan not including a bunch of gnarly WW2 stuff in their history books (whoops, picked the most not PC example, but whatever). The Hop Dude education is no different folks. Little Hop Prodigies are learned up about their past just like we are, and the textbooks are always right, right? Histories is like that Big Brother overlord, ever-so-slightly pushing the truth (this time about Triple Hazy IPAs) to placate their infallible higher purpose. So what if we bumped up the oats a touch? No one gonna notice right? And while we were at it, what if we lined it with a phat addition of Nelson and El Dorado, and then even more Nelson and El Dorado, and then even more? Yeah, gotta bring that hop IMPACT. And this is why Histories, no matter what the freaking textbooks say, is absolute dynamite. Set this bad boy on FIRE its so fresh, with all the tropical aroma feels you want in your hazy liquid tributes plus even more action once you turn on the flavor sensors. We’re talking mango, pineapple, grapefruit, peaches, the works. This is the “real” triple hazy they never told you about, better get it while it’s hot <wink wink>.