Summer Breeze

DDH Hazy IPA / 6.0% ABV

w/Belma, Citra, El Dorado & Mosaic

千葉県香取市・グランピングが楽しめる、農園リゾート複合施設『THE FARM』 とのコラボレーションビール。

春から夏への切り替わり。早くも初夏を思わせる、心地のよい風を感じて。たまには海辺を離れて、緑輝く大自然へいざ。Hop Dudeの旅が始まる。



So this glamping thing. Pretty fun stuff. Escape that concrete jungle (jail?) and get out into the WILD amirite. But seriously it’s great times with fam and friends and furry loved ones, and zomg all of that open space? Let’s not forget we are in Japan, where you have to pay to go to a park with grass, yeah. You gotta take your kid 45 min out of the city just to show them that vegetation actually exists in bulk in the real world. Our daily lives are literally smothered in shades of asphalt, so long story short we gotta pay hard-earned cash money to see the green stuff. And if you are making the trek - The Farm is absolutely awesome (we are hardcore biased btw). It’s so good that we had to make a beer to match the experience. “Summer Breeze” is the final component to unlocking an unforgettable time in the great outdoors, the perfect match for your pre- or post-BBQ festivities, and the right beer to wind you down when the cool dusk finally arrives on another inferno-esque Japanese midsummer night. Clocking in at 6.0% ABV smooth and silky bursting with tropical fruit, mango, pineapple and citrus notes, Summer Breeze is telling you to get in your car, get to Chiba and let the glamping begin boyz.