The Black Book MU

Imperial Stout / 11.5% ABV





その時から決して頭から離れない…!無論、それを手に取って開いてはいけないことは分かっている。なぜなら、かつて祖母からアカデミーの奥深くには、HOP BREAKERを蘇らせる闇のアーティファクトが隠されていると聞いたことがあったからだ。ただずっと声が聞こえる。


分かっているのだ。これが禁断の”THE BLACK BOOK”だということは。


“Take up the Great Flame; and your place in history.” It felt wrong. But he couldn’t resist its call. He longed to take it up, to open it and to bathe in its ultimate power. Of late he had been troubled with dark visions—the whispers tainting his mind and clouding his sight. He would stop at nothing to find the Book; and use the writings within to gain any advantage on his fellow students, to take his rightful place as the next Alchemist.

In the Great Hop Library, behind doors protected by ancient magics lies a vault known to only the most powerful of Hop Dudes and magistrates. The barriers of which only the Alchemist and the Hop Oracle itself were said to be able to break. However our Prodigy, blinded by energies beyond his control and having given himself to become a vessel for the Darkness, gained entry to the vault and obtained The Black Book.

Faced with constant innovation by the Alchemist and our Hop Heroes, The Darkness isn’t going to be pulling any more punches. Ancient teachings directed hop wizards from dark dimensions to perilous incantations - quadruple mashes and 10 hour boils for insanely decadent, rich rivers of sensual stout bliss. “MU” is our version sans extras, showcasing the unchained madness of the Book and the sheer evil of its blackened script. “OG” is lavishly layered with mountains upon mountains of toasted coconut flakes and macadamia nuts, a portal to a sensory experience from which few have returned to tell the tale. Will our failed Prodigy take up the Great Flame and fulfill his destiny? Now that the Book has finally been unleashed - buckle up and get ready for a whole new stout game, folks.