The Hop Breaker

Imperial Stout / 11.0 % ABV

w/ Vanilla-Toasted Coconut Flakes & Coffee Beans

Hop Dude一族が用宗に辿り着く、遥か前のお話。

かつての光と闇の戦いは一進一退の攻防でまさに互角の争いだった。当時Hop Dude達を率いていたアルケミストはボロボロになりながらも懸命にダークサイドの攻撃を耐え凌いでいた。そんな中、満身創痍のアルケミストが放った渾身の一撃がついにアーチネメシスを捉えダークサイドの指導者を倒すことに成功した。リーダーを失ったダークサイドは敗走しHop Dude一族の誰もがこの長い戦いの勝利を確信した。

しかしその刹那、恐るべき轟音とともにあたりは漆黒の闇に包まれた。そしてその最も暗いところから現れたのは黒い鎧を纏ったダークネスの巨人”ホップブレイカー”だった。巨人はその無慈悲で圧倒的な力で周囲を蹴散らし、見渡す限りを闇の炎で覆った。アルケミストはHop Dude達そして評議会を守るためにその身体を投出した。

存分にその破壊の力を見せつけた後、ホップブレイカーは再び闇と共にその奥深くへと消えていった。自らを犠牲にして多くのHop Dudeを救ったアルケミストも行方も知れずとなり、Hop Dude一族は散り散りとなった。



Lead by the strength of their Full Hop Alchemist, the best and brightest Hop Conjurers engaged in constant and trying battle against The Darkness. At the end of the Second Great Hop War, in a brilliant and exhausting final show of might the battle-worn and broken Alchemist prevailed over the Arch-Nemesis, breaking the enemy and securing victory. It was in this moment of triumph however that the Alchemist would be lost forever. The world was at once overcome in a blackened void, from which emerged what Hop Dude historians would come to know as "The Hop-Breaker". An obsidian giant of reckless abandon and insurmountable power, The Hop-Breaker shrouded the world in Darkness and threatened to end the Hop Dude once and for all. Possessing seemingly otherworldly energy and completely invincible to any and all attacks, the Dark Master was unstoppable. It is said that the Alchemist, in one final act of desperation threw herself upon The Hop-Breaker, sacrificing her soul and pushing it back into the void--shattering the Darkness, and saving the world from certain doom.

The Hop-Breaker may have been pushed back into the void, but it is far from defeated. At 11%, featuring vanilla-toasted coconut flakes and Modern Times coffee, this is one Imperial Stout you won't want to miss. Restless Hop Dudes are wondering if and when The Hop-Breaker might return - and if their new Full Hop Alchemist will have the wisdom and might to dismantle it for good.