The Lightning Council: Boss 02

Hazy Double IPA / 8.5% ABV

w/Rakau, EG Comet, Motueka & Motueka Hop Kief


怪しき光を纏うコレは、、、Hop Dude研究員……?!?! この場にいる誰もが、その異様に肥大した筋骨隆々の姿に違和感を感じていた。話には聞いたことがある、奇妙なあの2つの噂。悪い魔法に憑りつかれてしまった研究者が姿を消していること、そして用宗にはマッドサイエンティストが潜んでいるということ。


勇者たちは、予想だにしない相手に仰天と動揺を隠せない。対するマッドたちは、後方で発光する“何か”を必死に守ろうと隠し続けていた。(あの怪しく光る石は何だろうか……?) ただ、直感でわかる。先へ進むには、彼らを倒さなければならないということを。

Coming to the end of the first corridor our Hop Heroes find a massive chamber - walls of pure white lined with various brewing equipment…The Lab? It couldn’t possibly be.

At the other side of the room there is a faint green light - some kind of object. As our Heroes step into the chamber to inspect it, from the silence they hear a rumbling and voices - it seems this would be their next challenge. Entering stage right were three Hop Dudes, possessed by Dark Magic and obsessing over the green object. It was rumored not long ago that several of the Alchemist’s Lab assistants had disappeared - some of his best and brightest, those who had aided him in concocting some of his most powerful hazy elixirs to date. However while these three bore a resemblance - they were no longer those same assistants. Imbued with the Nemesis’ power to wield lightning, it would take more than brute force to overpower the trio and reach the object - and with it a clue perhaps on how to destroy the lab and foil the Nemesis’ plans once and for all.

The Lightning Council isn’t letting our Heroes take the object without a fight. This is a 8.5% Hazy Double IPA imbued with REAL Dark Energy in the form of a brand new hop product from Freestyle called “Subzero Hop Kief”. This Motueka liquid lupulin addition increases the tropical + white grape/pear sensory, packing an impressive punch while keeping the nectar silky smooth (aka free of vegetal goodies).