The Trial : NDH

Hazy IPA / 6.5% ABV

時を揺るがす衝撃の事件勃発。禁忌を破った、とあるHop Dudeに、ハイホップ評議会が裁きを下そうとしていた、、。


ホップへの冒涜罪に問われるHop Dude。禁断の酵母の使用だけでなく、この世界ではタブーとされる「ドライホップをしない(No Dry Hop)」という行為。教えに反する行動は、評議会の反感を買うことになる。



“You and your revolutionaries made him do it. We all know it was you. Mark my words - continue down this path and we will make you regret it, Alchemist.”

This Trial was the first in recent memory - to step before the High Hop Council under such distressing circumstances and in a time of war - the penalty would be profound.

The Charges:

(1) The accused possessed large quantities of a forbidden yeast strain—the likes of which could forever alter the Hop Dude’s most potent and powerful haze bombs.

*The HHC outlawed hazy IPA concoctions with contraband strains for unknown reasons, and yet as the number of strains grow they struggle to contain and prevent the introduction of these and others into the Alchemist’s latest creations.

(2) The accused conspired with other Hop Dude Apprentices to remove the Dry Hop entirely from the recipe, in an attempt aimed to assess the potency of this new yeast strain and to further weaponize it.

The Trial: NDH speaks for itself. Huge melon/cantaloupe flavors and a lingering yet crisp honey sweetness showcase this contraband yeast in all it’s glory. Our Hop Dude Heroes took one for the team to deliver No Dry Hop - best get a taste of this bad boy and while you’re at it a super sneak preview of some of the good x2 things on the horizon.