Window to VERTERE 2022

Hazy Double IPA / 8.5% ABV

w/Riwaka, Lorien, Kohatu & Moutere

WCB × VERTERE Collaboration!

毎年この時期のお楽しみ異次元旅行。海から山へ。山から海へ。Hop Dudeたちが覗いているのは、WCB⇔VERTEREの次元の交点となる1つの窓。

これから毎年、年末の恒例にしよう!と、VERTEREの彼らと約束をしたコラボレーション第2弾。両社ともに新たに組んだ同様のレシピながら、異なるスタイルの仕上がりへ。WCBでは、継続して渾身のHazy Double IPAが完成!



Tis’ the season for collaboration once again. After a successful release (and the discovery of the mystical “window” in 2021) the same portal was left unchecked until only recently. Our Hop Dude buddies at VERTERE have reported disturbing incidents on their side of the vortex - Dark Hop characters infiltrating and defiling the “window”, in an attempt perhaps to further stretch and expand their influence on the VERTERE world. To match this looming threat our Alchemist and Hop Heroes have conspired to create a Hazy concoction in hopes to pushback against the Nemesis’ evil designs.
In Window to VERTERE 2022 we team up with our fellow hop wizards in Okutama for a collaboration unlike any we have attempted previous. Using identical grain bills and hop additions at each location, WCB has conjured this into a massive Hazy Double IPA, where VERTERE has chosen the dark side (!) and soured their batch to create a Sour Double IPA. The WCB offering is packed with aroma and flavor, bursting with pineapple, grape, pear and tropical fruit. We hope you can get your hands on both to experience firsthand just how different (yet similar?!) these two brews are, and are excited for the future of this “window”, now that we can finally get to doing what makes brewing beer truly exceptional - discovery and collabs with the good dudes 🥳🍻